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Running Updates Info

The following is a continuous Log of the Updates done to my website.


 Fixed some issues that made the website not load. Sorry for those who could not access it for some time (likely months).


Added new information to the Bronze inscribed ring web page.


Update completed to include the addition of a nice silver Justinian coin. Also added a new page for a rare piece of Hybrid Roman armour known as Lorica Hamata Squamataque

Provided an update to the collage pictures for Armor Fragments and Attachments as well as Helmet Fragments & Shield Items on the front page of the website.

The Berkasovo helmet sheathing/covering page was also updated to include more pictures of the 2nd and 3rd helmets, better collage picture, the addition of photos of just completed reconstruction and some new images of the ridge fragment. Some factual information was also updated including some measurements.


Extensive update done to the entire website.  Every webpage was updated with a new background and title image/wording.

The following new pieces were added to the site:
- Gold leaf Pyxis
- Gold inlaid knife
- Spindle Whorl
- Spatha Chape
- Gladius locket bar
- Late Roman helmet crest
- Late Roman helmet parts
- updated images to Late Roman helmet sheathing
- Spangenhelm cheek piece
- Late Roman belt parts added
- further lead slingshots added.
- Lead curse tablet with text

- Marcian, Leo I, Justinian I coin added and updated photo for Bonifacius coin.

- Valentinian I AE1, Galeria Valeria, Licinius I, Julian II,  Procupius, Magnus Maximus and Jovian coins added

- Greek Lysimachos coins added


Added 11 new coins, including more rare late roman ones.

Aelia Zenonis, Libius Severus, Ostrogoth gold tremissis, Justininan I 1300th Anniversary Rome mint, two Johannes coins & two Leo I coins.

Valens siliqua, Magnus Maximus siliqua & another Julian II siliqua


Added a few new coins, including some rare late roman ones.
Septimius Severus
Honorius (vandal issue), Bonifacius, Johannes & Valentinian III
Julian II Double Maiorina


Completely updated and revamped the front page of the website.  This included adding a custom made video of the collection on display (embedded in Youtube).  I hope you enjoy the new look.

Updated photos on two pages:

4th Century Chip Carved Belt (with updated write up)
4th-5th Century Belt parts

Added new item/page

Rare Utere Felix inscribed Fibula

12-11-17 I updated photos of higher quality and resolution.  Also numerous measurements added.  This should help anyone interested in created reproductions by allowing them to make the pieces with the same dimensions and thickness etc. 

Lorica Squamata scale string
Iron Shield boss
4th-5th C belt tip
War Galley fire starter
4th C Chip carved belt plates
Engraved Eagle Phalera
Mainz Gladius Plate
Pompeii Gladius chape
3rd-4th C Spatha chape
3rd C Spatha chape
Round Iron spatha chape
Hamata Hook
3rd C Armor clasping plate
Semi-spatha /gladius

11-09-02 Long overdue update. Added a Late Roman Spatha Chape, Late Roman lead seal, Late Roman Plubata/dart and a new 4th Century belt stiffener type. In the Coin section I added three new Coins of the 4th Century, Julian II x2 and Eugenius (both important players in the downturn of the western empire) also added a Leo I coin in the 5th Century section. Updated the front pages to reflect the changes. Enjoy!
10-08-28 Added the bronze portion of a 4th Century Helmet, Ridge Portion.
10-08-09 Added the complete page with photo's for the 4th Century Helmet Crest (complete) with silver rivets and gilding.
10-07-15 Added a new page that contains all of the items that are no longer in the collection, and updated each of the sections to reflect the items that have now been moved to the new area. Also updated a couple of teaser photos of some items that I will add to the Helmet section.
10-04-07 Just a couple of updates to some of the pages, including adding some more information and the odd picture. Late Roman Helmet covering Round Spatha Chape and Semi-spatha/Spatha
09-06-20 Finally was able to add the complete write up on the Late Roman Helmet covering. This in depth write up should give some great information on this artifact, and late roman helmets in general.

Added two items, a Roman Iron Stylus (with silver inlay) and Rare Roman 3rd Century Helmet Reinforced Cross brace. I also added a teaser photo to the 4th Century Ridge Helmet Sheathing page which will eventually go up. It will be an amazing photo display once complete. I also updated the look of the main page.
08-12-14 Added two new coins to the late Roman section . These two coins relate to the famous Gothic war in which the Eastern Roman Empire re-captured large areas of land which had fallen to the Barbarians 70 years earlier. Justinian I and Baduila are featured

Added a few pieces and tried out a new front page image. New: Roman Enameled Sealbox, Roman Oil Lamp, Lead Gaming Dice and Silvered Dolphin Attachment.

I re-vamped the coin section, specifically the Septimus-Diocletion, Constantine to Theodosius and 5th Century Roman sections. This included added a few more coins to fill in the "gaps" further, as well as taking new images of some of the old placeholder images. This adds new detail and clarity to the beauty of some of the coins. The Constantine Section has some historical notes relating to the battle of Adrianople (coins of Gratian and Valens) a key turning point in Roman History. I corrected a few dead links, and added a new Gold Plated Fibula which is a bit smaller than the other one. More items to come in future to round out the collection across the military spectrum.
08-03-10 Excitingly I re-identified a piece after continued research in the area of late Roman Helmets. What I previously thought was a belt strap end, is now positively identified as a Late Roman Helmet Crest. A very great find indeed. Added the following small odds and ends I finally got too. Late Roman Spatha Slide Pugio Belt Piece Armor Clasping Nut 5th Century Belt Lead Sling Bullet

08-02-10 Updated three different items in the Miscellaneous Ancient Items section. New information has identified previously unknown items Roman/Celtic Fibula , Lead Pottery Stamp and photos of a complete example of the Roman Box were found.
08-02-08 Added many new 5th Century Roman coins, including a 5th Century coin of Theodoric The Great, who ruled Rome, and respected their laws and way of life. Also some 5th Century Eastern Roman Emperor coins.

Added various new coins and updated the look and organization of the coin page. It is now split up into various sections, instead of one long page.

Added various pieces after finally finding time to add them to the site. Roman Patera Gold Plated Fibula and Inscribed Mail Hook. Included further details on other items. Extended the size of the "Top 10" to now include the "Top 15".

Added various new pieces of information to many artifacts, including thickness and diameters. I also expanded or corrected some of the information of various items. The general overall details and information should now be more complete.
07-01-25 Added two items that had not yet been added in 2006. Helmet Crest Knob & Belt Attachment II

New Artifact added to website. 4th Cenutry Chi-RHO belt tip

New Artifacts added. Dragonhead Ring Buckle, Dragonhead Silver Fibula, Spatha Sword Chape & Spatha Scabbard Slide. 06-11-12 Updated pictures of fragmented remains of a Roman Cavlary Helmet.

NewArtifact. Roman Dolabra/Pick-axe Sheath.
NewArtifact. Roman Miltiary Standard. A piece of artwork!

06-10-27 New Artifact. Roman Cavalry Horse Muzzle/Harness. Rare!

06-10-23 New Artifact. 4th Century Roman Buckle, in a near complete state. Beautiful detail.

06-10-15 New front page background and added new Military Accessories sections in preparation to adding two new pieces soon.

06-10-10 Updated the Military Accessories page to include Cavalry Horse Decorations which includes a detailed description/picture of all the Cavalry pendant fragments.

06-09-04 Updated the Legionary Spatha page. Sword was recently conserved and now has new pictures as well as the treatment report.

06-08-22 Updated numerous pages in Miliatry Accessories & Gladius/Spatha Components
Added numerous new artifacts. Gladius applique, Spatha Scabbard slide, Cingulum belt applique, Baldric belt tip, Baldric belt fitting & belt attachment.

06-07-25 Updated numerous pages in Armor Fragments and Attachments to include new acidemic information and links. This included re-identifying a Segmentata buckle as an earlier and Rare Shoulder Hinge. Added two new artifacts under Military Accessories Lead Seal LEG and Lead Seal VICTOR.

06-06-19 Further update to include a new fibula with inscription and the fragmented remains of a Roman Cavlary Helmet.

06-06-04 Futher update on Main page as well as splitting the Misc. Items category into Miliatry Accessories and Miscellaneous Ancient Items. Buttons updated and added two Upcoming artifacts under Helmet fragments & Miliatry Accessories. Add new featured artifact (Gold Inlaid Fibula)

Complete Site Revamp 06-05-16

Three new artifacts added 06-05-07 (Bronze Ring , Bronze Shield Fragment , Iron Sword Chape , Lead Tablet)

Two new artifacts added 06-02-11 (Lock Mechanism & Eagle Armor piece)

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